Preventive Maintenance

Medaris Medical’s trained technicians provide thorough preventive maintenance inspections on multi vendor, multi product surgical and examination equipment.

Preventive Services Include:

  • Preventive service and adjustments
  • A detailed report on each piece of equipment inspected including inspection steps performed and observations regarding equipment
  • Detailed follow up service letter for immediate service requirements

Benefits of Preventive Services:

Preventive maintenance is a proactive way for medical institutions to:

  • Implement effective Risk Management
  • Optimize equipment performance by maintaining equipment in good working order
  • Reduce untimely breakdowns resulting in costly rescheduling and inefficient use of medical staff resources

A proper preventive maintenance program results in:

  • Reduced maintenance and overall surgical department costs
  • Better use of in-house maintenance and surgical department resources
  • Higher volume of patient procedures performed with a higher level of service
  • Prolonged lifespan of customer equipment